Lesson 1.3

Before this lesson, I was aware that certain religions are classified as “major religions” while some are considered “minor religions”. After listening to the podcasts, I learned that there is an imperial history behind the classification of major religions such as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. In the course of those religions developing, European empires were expanding and that is why the “major religions” are linked to imperialism and power. Major religions such as Christianity have power and privileges. For instance, the public school calendars are Christian-centric so students of different religions often have their faith conflicting with their education. Episode 3 of Keeping it 101 mentions how the United States values religious freedom. With the labeling of “minor religions,” it contradicts that statement. I understood that there was a division between “major religions” and “minor religions” but I did not realize how harmful it is to followers of religions being labeled “minor”. In light of new information I learned, it is clear that “major religions” are more privileged when compared to “minor religions”. It is unfair how people are valued in society by what their religion is classified by.


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